ART MASTER CLASSES is an innovative project combining education, high culture and the promotion of outstanding young artists through collaboration with national media.


It is an event that brings together different fields of art, Masters and Disciples and young and mature generations in one event!

These annual workshops under the guidance of the greatest masters and authorities, designed for young musicians, painters and sculptors were held for the first time in the summer season of 2022.


Among the invited lecturers are outstanding world-famous artists from all over Poland and Europe, who are also university professors and who are applauded by audiences at concerts and exhibitions in some of the world’s most prestigious venues!


Our many years of stage and pedagogical experience clearly indicate that artistic training alone is no longer enough these days.

Young artists need holistic development, focusing not only on acquiring mastery in the art of performing, but also on supporting these skills with the competences necessary to organise themselves effectively in time, as well as proven tools to function efficiently in the art industry with basics such as marketing and PR in the broadest sense.

This is why we provide an innovative holistic training model for young artists that includes individual classes with the Masters , chamber music classes, orchestral study and group panels in psychology, rehabilitation for artists, yoga to improve concentration and the basics of entrepreneurship for artists in marketing, PR and self-management.

The unique educational value of the Classes is inseparably linked with their artistic value in the form of Master Concerts performed by outstanding artists leading the Classes and after-air exhibitions planned in the most representative venues of the Tarnów region and beyond.


The Classes are located in Tarnów and several towns in the Tarnów region.

The unique scenery of the beautiful Old Town of Tarnów, recognised in 2021 as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is not only conducive to painters but also provides a beautiful environment, steeped in rich history, for artistic development and creative work combined with a rich recreational offer.


They are aimed at the ” top tier” of Polish and foreign artistically talented young people from all over Poland and other countries in the age range for high school and university students, with the possibility of participation for younger participants representing a very high level of artistic mastery.


An important aspect of the Art Master Classes is professional nationwide promotion in the form of publications, the Internet, local and national media and a film report on the course of the entire event, which also promotes the young performers.

Solo instrumentalism / chamber music

The Classes are intended for students of music schools of the second degree, students of higher music academies and graduates of universities up to 30 years of age with the possibility of participation for younger participants representing a sufficiently high level of artistic mastery.

The culmination of the Classes is the final concert with the participation of distinguished participants of the active Music Courses, connected with an exhibition of artistic works of the participants of the Visual Arts Classes and a ceremony of awarding diplomas of participation in the Art Master Classes in Tarnów.

Solo instrumentalism

The weekly plan of classes in music art provides five individual lessons with a professor of your choice, the opportunity to work with a pianist, a chamber music class, participation in master concerts and free entrance to selected cultural institutions in Tarnów.

Chamber music

Completed chamber ensembles are welcome.

As part of the Classes we provide 5 lessons of chamber ensemble work. Existing ensembles wishing to perfect their craft in their own ensemble, as well as individual participants without their own ensemble, are welcome to participate in the chamber music classes.

In the afternoons there will be additional activities for all participantsART BUSINESS SELF – MANAGEMENT /as described in the introduction/


Solo instrumentalism:

Ewa Pobłocka /AM Bydgoszcz/piano
Cezary Sanecki /AM Łódź/piano
Krzysztof Książek /AM Kraków/ piano
Janusz Wawrowski /UMFC Warszawa/ violin
Katarzyna Budnik /UMFC Warszawa/ viola
Anna Armatys-Borrelli /AM Kraków/ cello
Jan Kotula /AM Katowice/ double bass

Chamber music:

Anna Armatys- Borrelli /AM Kraków/

Cost of attendance for Music Classes participants:

Solo instrumentalism:

Active participant – PLN 1600
Passive participant – PLN 800

Chamber music:

Active participant – PLN 1200

The cost does not include accommodation and food.

Advance payment: PLN 500

Advance payment is non-returnable.


Art Master Classes provide holistic development as a response to the real growing needs of young artists who want to develop their craft but also acquire valuable skills to cope with the art industry.

In the week-long schedule of the Visual Arts Course, we provide five days of 4-hour visual arts workshops, complemented by group panels on the basics of marketing and PR and fundraising for artists and self-management.

In addition, participants can take part in a yoga class for artists The Art of Concentration – The Art of Relaxation, as well as lectures and exercises addressing key issues in the psychology of success for all artists.

Classes take place in the charming Old Town of Tarnów, hailed in 2021 by CNN as one of the most beautiful in the world!

We provide support and teaching, a base for storing materials, we lend work materials in the form of an artbox for each participant, outdoor equipment (easels, drawing pads, water dishes, ) and cold drinks for participants.

The culmination of the Course is an exhibition of works accompanying the final concert in conjunction with the awarding of Diplomas of Participation in the Art Master Classes in Tarnów.

The classes are intended for high school and university students, as well as for art-loving adults. We guarantee a small group (up to 12 people), tuition and supervision under the guidance of a titled artist – painter and lecturer at the Art Institute of the Academy of Applied Arts in Tarnów. Dr Roman Fleszar.

The art classes are held from 10.00 to 14.00 from Monday to Friday.

In the afternoons, we invite you to complementary panels on marketing, PR, fundraising for artists, yoga and classes on the psychology of success, which are addressed to all course participants; musicians and visual artists.

The Art Master Classes also provide an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange with all participants of the Music Classes. The charming Old Town and the wide range of leisure facilities (swimming pool, courts, beautiful park) are a paradise for people who appreciate both the beauty of the surroundings and the opportunities for active recreation.

Cost of participation for participants of the Visual Arts Classes: PLN 800 ,

The cost does not include accommodation and food.

Advance payment: PLN 500

Provision of all materials needed for the course /artbox/ at a cost of PLN 210. * optional

Advance payment is non-returnable.

Detailed information on the Classes is available in the Terms and Conditions.


Polska Fundacja Kultury i Rozwoju

contact: Joanna Łukasik / Artistic Director of Art Master Classes


Phone: /+48/ 602 605 468

Recommended accommodation:

Dom Studenta ul. Słowackiego 7, tel. (14) 631 69 01

Hotel Kantoria, ul.Piłsudskiego 28 A, tel. (14) 652 29 33