Artistic Master Courses

First Edition – 21-30 July 2023

We invite you to Tarnów, whose unique scenery of the beautiful Old Town in 2021 was named by CNN Travel as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

This innovative project combines holistic artistic education with the basics of self-management, high culture and the promotion of outstanding young artists through cooperation with the national media.

Annual workshops under the guidance of the greatest masters and authorities (outstanding, world-famous artists from across Poland and Europe in the field of instrumental and visual arts) for young musicians, painters and sculptors, providing holistic development as a response to the real, growing needs of young artists, wishing to develop their craft, but also acquire valuable skills to deal with the art industry.

Additional activities

for all Participants of the Music and Visual Arts Courses

/ Active and Passive

The courses will include collective panels:

– basics of marketing and PR,

– fundraising for artists and self-management,

– yoga for artists Theart of concentration – the art of relaxation

– psychology of success; lecture and exercises

An important aspect of the Artistic Master Courses is the professional nationwide promotion, also for young outstanding artists.

We cannot guarantee fine weather but we can ensure a cheerful, creative atmosphere and the availability of our entire staff.

MUSIC Solo instrumentalism / Chamber music

The course is designed for students of music schools of the second degree, students of higher music schools and graduates of higher schools up to 30 years of age with a possibility of participation of younger participants representing an adequately high level of artistic craftsmanship.

The course shall be concluded with a final concert with the participation of distinctive active participants of the Music Courses and an exhibition of artistic works of the participants of the Visual Arts Course combined with a ceremonial diploma awarding for participation in the Artistic Master Courses in Tarnów.

Solo instrumentalism

Our weekly schedule of courses in musical art includes five individual lessons with a chosen professor, the opportunity to work with an accompanist, a chamber music class, participation in master concerts and free entrance to selected cultural venues in Tarnów.

Chamber music

We invite individuals and complete chamber ensembles. The courses include 5 lessons of working in chamber ensembles.

Chamber music courses are available to both existing ensembles, who wish to improve their skills in their own line-up, and to individual participants who do not have their own ensemble. Individual participants will be assigned to ensembles created for the courses. Depending on the level of advancement of participants and the number of applications, it is also possible to include the lecturers – members of the Airis String Quartet – in the ensembles created.

The decision in this regard belongs to the lecturers, after reviewing the recordings and applications of candidates.

Assignments to the ensembles as well as repertoire and scores will be sent to the participants at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the courses, so that each participant has time to prepare his/her part.

In the afternoons there will be additional classes for all participants as described in the introduction.

Fees for participants in Music Courses:

Solo Instrumentalism:

Active participant – PLN 1600

Passive participant – PLN 800

Chamber music:

Active participant – PLN 1200

The cost does not include accommodation and catering.